Payday loans in installments – is it worth taking them?

Payday loans in installments are becoming more and more popular among customers. What does it come from? It turns out that thanks to the installment payment you can get access to financial resources in the amount of even several dozen thousand dollars. The requirements that financial companies place on borrowers depend on the internal rules applied by each of them. Payday loans in installments are offered to both loan companies and parabanks as well as private investors. What is the phenomenon of payday loans in installments? We will try to answer this question in the article below. We invite you to read!

Payday loans – what is that?

Payday loans - what is that?

The instant loan is a type of loan with a repayment period of less than 12 months. A characteristic feature of the payday install is, in turn, that it is repaid in installments according to the previously set schedule, which has a maximum annual time horizon. Issues such as the amount and repayment period are individually agreed with the given loan institution.

How long can you borrow in installments?

How long can you borrow in installments?

Thanks to installment payouts, you can fund your home budget with up to USD 25,000. Parabanks and loan companies that offer loans with repayments for a period of 12 months mostly offer installment payouts, the amount of which does not exceed USD 10,000 or USD 15,000. What is the lowest amount of payday pay in installments? It turns out that it can be up to USD 100. Depending on the amount of the loan and its repayment period, the terms proposed by the individual loan companies may vary slightly.

As the repayment period increases, the APRC, ie the current annual interest rate, also decreases. What does it mean? This means that thanks to installment payouts we will save money, because in their case APRC is lower than with classic payday loans, which we have already got used to. We encourage you to follow current rankings before choosing a specific offer.